Day 26: The Man Who Gives Away Houses

Warrick Dunn was a college football star at Florida State University who also excelled at the professional level as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Atlanta Falcons. While the speedy Dunn will be long remembered for his breathtaking ability on the field, he is quickly building another legacy that may overshadow his athletic achievements.

In 1993, as Dunn was looking forward to entering Florida State as a prized football recruit, his mother (a police officer in Louisiana) was gunned down in the line of duty. Dunn immediately became the head of the household. By 1997, Dunn was playing professionally in Tampa Bay. During his rookie year, he began to reach out to families in the local community.

Raised with xx siblings by a single mother in xxxxx, Dunn never forgot the struggles his mother faced. As a professional athlete earning a handsome salary, Dunn began reaching out to single mothers in some of xxxxx’s poorest neighborhoods, building new homes for the women and their children. The impressive program was transformative, and Dunn continued this charitable outreach after his retirement from the NFL in xxxx.

As of this writing, Dunn has now given away xxx homes in xx cities. Appreciative families have spoken up about the tremendous benefit that a new, stable house can bring to a family facing economic hardship. Xxxx xxxxxx grew up in a home provided by Dunn and eventually entered Clemson University as a scholarship quarterback, guiding the football team to the 2016 National Championship game against the University of Alabama. Xxxxxx says, “ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.”

Many generous people, like Warwick Dunn, have used their own experiences as a springboard to help others. Former prisoners volunteer to help troubled young people learn how to avoid a life on the wrong side of the law. Recovering addicts help current addicts. The formerly homeless help street people find shelter and companionship.

What special need is God laying on your heart? What deep hurts from your past or formative experiences can you use as a springboard to help others going through similar situations?


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