Day 28: Easter, When Death Became Life

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. Matthew 28:6

On Easter Sunday we celebrate the Risen Christ. For Christians, the victory of life over death is not only symbolic, it is transformational. The audacious concept of a Savior rising from the dead turns the world upside-down, transforming misery into joy, despair into gladness, fear into courage, anxiety into peace, and hopelessness into the greatest hope of all.

I as much as anyone find myself weighed down by concerns and anxieties. I get discouraged by my own shortcomings; I feel helpless when someone I love is going through a hard time and I’m unable to do anything substantial to help them. And I feel overwhelmed by a world that is violent, illogical, cruel and unjust. As I write this, there are reports of yet another mass shooting in a normal U.S. city, and reports of a terrorist attack in another world capital. When does the madness end? Is it all too much?

On Easter Sunday, we can state confidently that no, nothing is too much. There is hope, and deliverance. There is new life. He who conquered sin and death can yet turn the situation on its head, and breathe life into our circumstances. There is no subtlety in that. That hope transforms our personal circumstances and our outlook on the world. It allows us to be the ones who can bring peace and hope and joy to a world that needs as much as it can get.

Easter is a specific day on the calendar, and for the Christian, it is the day that transforms all others. 



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